Short answer : Your online teaching effectiveness will be terrible

DIY Fail reason #1 : Lack of consistency. Install install install, multiple free-tool accounts across students.

A DIY environment for yourself isn't enough, you need to make sure that all your students have the exact same setup as you do. You also have to keep track of all the different account names for different services (Skype, Google, Dropbox etc) for ALL your students.

You'll be spending lots of time playing tech support rather than teaching. 

SOLUTION : Your ClassDo classroom needs no installation, just access . Every learning tool you need is available in one place, accessible with a just mouse click.  

DIY Fail reason #2 : New groups everytime, no teaching history.  

With free tools, you'll need to start a new chat/group each time. Your previous teaching materials are not available in your new chatroom. 

Your teaching materials will also likely be scattered across emails as attachments, or on a Google Drive or Dropbox, or students will have to hunt for them somewhere on the skype downloads screen.

SOLUTION : With ClassDo, you can create as many classrooms as you want, and put your students in logical groups. All previous lesson materials are saved in the classrooms, ready for the lessons to be instantly resumed anytime.

DIY Fail reason #3 : Lack of coordination/synchronization. Screensharing only works well in theory. 

For students to follow a teacher's lesson, some teachers resort to screensharing. However, screensharing delivers a terrible learning experience, because :

  • Screensharing is "one way teaching". Students stare at the teacher's screen, and cannot participate directly with their own contents/actions
  • Screensharing kills your computer performance. It's very memory intensive, many people will notice that their computer slows down to a crawl when screensharing is enabled
  • Screensharing materials are hard to read, and tires the eyes. Learning materials that are transmitted over a screenshare are not in crisp fonts, but a blurry screenshare. It's very tiring to have a lesson when you have to squint. 

SOLUTION : Your ClassDo classrooms offer FULL interactivity. Everyone can participate at the same time, and page changes are synced automatically across all participants.  Everyone is literally "on the same page" effortlessly. 

Your ClassDo classrooms : Consistent, No admin, Effortless

Your collaborative online classroom on ClassDo ensures that you have a consistent learning environment across all your students. This consistency is effortless, and is delivered from the very first click.

Forget about technical hassles. ClassDo lets you do what you love - being a great teacher. 

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