Times are changing. Why still pay for rent and transport?

In the retail world, the new generation of consumers are bypassing traditional retailers, and going straight to online retailers. The instant accessibility and convenience, the brick-and-mortar cost savings, far outweigh the urge to travel to a physical place to get something done. 

Traditional retailers can only serve the local neighbourhood, suffer poor utilization space during weekdays and overcrowding in the weekends, and accessibility affected by bad weather. Despite working hard, their earnings vanishes after paying huge amounts of rent and transport.

Traditional tutors face the same problems as traditional retailers. The cost of doing business in a traditional environment is just far too high. 

Lower your student's study stress

Students are pressured to get many things done with limited amount of time. Instant one-click accessibility to a tutor, cutting out travel fatigue, and easy scheduling/rescheduling during a busy school week, are real factors that would help lower a student's study stress. The need to wait for a week, and travel to meet physically, has suddenly become an unnecessary encumbrance. 

"Physical classrooms" are generally glorified names for a table at the coffee shop where coffee isn't cheap, a cramped room in a crowded shopping center where you're paying rent for, or a student's living room where you're financing your car to travel to. 

Students nowadays are digital natives. 

Providing students the extra option to meet comfortably in your online classroom, naturally extends your current teaching capabilities, while preserving all your strengths as a teacher. 

It's usually teachers who have resistance to technology. Students pick it up many times faster. Online tutoring can be started gradually, by flexibly mix-and-match physical and online sessions, to achieve the perfect balance that works for you and each of your students. Keep adjusting the balance as your students get more accustomed to your online classroom, and the newfound convenience. 

Double your income

For travelling tutors , your income naturally doubles because you can use the huge amounts of travel time to teach students instead. Never be late due to a traffic jam, or bad weather conditions. Scheduling is much easier without worrying about distance between appointments. 

For tuition center owners , your income naturally doubles because you no longer have to pay expensive brick-and-mortar rent, renovation, long-term leases, utilities, cleaning and maintenance costs. Rather than limit your reach to your local neighbourhood, you can now accept students living in different countries into the same class.  

Auto saved notes, so students can pay attention in your lessons

Everything you teach is autosaved for easy revision, so your student doesn't have to furiously take notes, and have time to listen attentively to you. 

Parents can keep up easily

Text messaging will only give superficial information about a child's learning progress. Now parents and tutors have a quick and convenient way to meet quickly for a much deeper understanding.

A student can also enable their parents to access their revision materials, so they can keep up with their learning progress easily. 

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