Step 1 : Invitation : "Come visit my online classroom"

It doesn't cost you anything for the first 30 days you invite a new student into your online classrooms on ClassDo. This gives you lots of time to help them familiarize. So feel free to invite anyone who is curious about your online classrooms, you can try it out with them risk free. 

Invite the student into any of your classrooms. Once they log in with their phone number, they will see your classroom immediately. 

Step 2 : Send help guides : "Joining my online classroom is easy"

Send this link to your student . It provides all the explaination and necessary guidance for your students to join your online classroom. 

Step 3 : Familiarization : "Let's spend 15 mins making sure it all works for you"

Option 1 (physical) : "Bring your laptop, I'll show you how it works in 15 minutes"

If you've been meeting the student physically, the best way is to have both your laptop and theirs side by side, and you give a live demonstration on how it works. This could be the fastest way you can familiarize your student with your online classroom. 

You can also mix and match physical and online lessons, and slowly adjust the balance as your student's comfort level online increases.

Option 2 (online) : "Let's meet online for 15 minutes, and make sure that everything works smoothly for you" 

If it's impractical to meet your student physically, a quick 15 minute test in your online classroom will ensure that the classroom works well. Have a backup way to talk your student through any issues, for example via a phone call or whatsapp, as they try out your online classroom. 

Protip #1 : Always make first 15 minute a one-on-one session : Don't bring a number of new students on at the same time. If 3 students have no problems, but 1 does, then all the students will be wasting time watching you help 1 student out. 

Protip #2 : Only students who joined your classroom successfully, are invited to a free group trial lesson. For example, if you're planning on conducting a group free trial lesson this Friday, you can spend Monday to Thursday ensuring that all new participants have no issues entering your classroom. Only the ones without issues are allowed to join the Friday free trial, so as not to disrupt all other students who are looking forward to experience your online lessons

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