Pay a few dollars, get a few thousand dollars back

ClassDo's no-commitment, pay-as-you-go online classroom has a risk free, 30 day free trial for each new student. If your student continues learning with you online after the trial, unlimited use costs only $6.50 per student per month with no hidden costs, equivalent to just the price of a coffee. At the same time, it helps you eliminate $1000-$8000 in unwanted traditional costs per month. 

You can just teach, ClassDo will take care everything else for you. Your classroom is hosted on dedicated server infrastructure across the world, built exclusively for tutors. Thus you'll always have a high quality, reliable classroom with all the professional online teaching tools. 

ClassDo pricing : 

✔ No commitment. Pay-as-you-go. Stop-as-you-wish.
✔ Risk free, 30 day trial for every new student you invite into your classrooms
✔ only US$6.50 per student per month. No hidden costs
✔ Unlimited use of your online classroom
✔ All the professional online teaching tools you need
✔ Includes storage of all the materials you've uploaded, for easy revision.
✔ Without extra costs, put a student in multiple classrooms (different groups)
✔ No charge during vacation months when student pauses lessons with you. 

As a result, your income doubles with the same working hours : 

✔ Save thousands of dollars from transportation, rent, photocopying, coffee shops
✔ No more revenue loss (in thousands of dollars) due to travel - spend time teaching instead of waiting for the bus/taxi, and zigzagging across town.
✔ Accept students from any location, consolidate them in the same classroom

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