Recommended specs

  • Any recent Macs (Macbook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro) manufactured after 2015
  • the Google Chrome browser. If you don't have it, you can download it here.

Note : The Apple Safari works, but Google Chrome delivers much better videoconferencing quality. 

If you're buying a new mac

Any new Macs will be able to support your ClassDo online classrooms. 

Optional : Pen Tablets

Macs don't have touchscreens. If you do a lot of handwriting, you can get a pen tablet. 

The Wacom Intuos is a good entry level pen tablet

Optional : Headsets/Earphones with built in mics (better sound quality)

In general, Macs comes with decently good microphones. If you're in a quiet environment you don't need to buy any external mics.

If your are always in a noisy environment, , it's best to get headsets, or earphones with built in mics, so everyone can hear you clearly.

Logitech sells a range of headsets. Any one of them would work well. If you use your online classroom frequently, you may want to get a wireless headset for maximum comfort. 

Any earphones that are built for smartphones would generally work well too. 

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