Chromebooks are very popular in school. It's literally a laptop that runs everything through the Google Chrome browser. It is relatively cheaper than Windows PCs, but the downside is that you will NOT be able to run Microsoft Apps such as Word or Powerpoint if you need it. 

Recommended specs

  • A recent Chromebook that has a powerful ARM or Intel processor
  • webcam
  • built-in microphone, or earphone mics
  • touchscreen
  • More than 8GB RAM

If you're buying a new Chromebook

The Samsung Chromebook Pro is a high-performance chromebook that has a webcam,  touchscreen and a built in keyboard.

Optional : Headsets/Earphones with built in mics (better sound quality)

If your are always in a noisy environment, or your chromebook's mics are not good enough, it's best to get headsets, or earphones with built in mics, so everyone can hear you clearly.

Logitech sells a range of headsets. Any one of them would work well. If you use your online classroom frequently, you may want to get a wireless headset for maximum comfort. 

Any earphones that are built for smartphones would generally work well too. 

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