ClassDo works seamlessly for both one-on-one, and group lessons. 

You're only limited by the internet speeds in your country. Here are some general guidelines for best face-to-face learning experience :

  • Developed countries (eg Asia : Singapore, Japan, South Korea, EU : UK, Germany, France, NA : USA, Canada... etc, SA : ) with fast and stable internet speeds : Recommended up to 10 students at once. Max 20 students. For larger numbers, please talk to ClassDo support - we can help.  
  • Developing countries (eg Asia : Indonesia, Malaysia, India, ..., many parts of LATAM, EMEA regions etc ) with slower internet speeds : Recommended up to 5 students at once. Max 10 students.

The online classroom is a fully collaborative one, which means that all students and teachers will be able to fully participate in drawing on the sketchpads, sharing books etc.

Pro tip 1 : Test your upper limit gradually

Initially, don't onboard a lot of students at one go. You can easily test what your upper limit is by bringing in more and more students.

Pro tip 2 : Easily boost your internet capabilities

Upgrading your home broadband speed, buying a good wifi router, using a modern computer, and bringing your computer nearer to your wifi hotspot are things that would quickly boost your internet capabilities,

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