You can upload any textbooks, and draw and highlight on them as you wish.Β 

If the writing is too small, tap (click) on the area you want to read to zoom in, tap (click) again to zoom out.Β 

On the "Content" tab, you can upload many types of documents to share with each other. PDFs, Word documents, Powerpoints, Images (JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, ... ) etc are all supported.

Click on any thumbnail to view the document that you have uploaded

There are many print shops that can help you scan/digitize your textbooks into PDF format. Things to note :Β 

  • For fast-loading during a lesson, PDFs should not be larger than 30MB . You should split the textbook into several files if the sizes are huge.Β 
  • In many countries it is fair-use to digitize your own books, but please be aware of any restrictions in your respective country. In general, each student should have a physical set of the textbook you're digitizing, to comply with fair-use policies.


A general idea of the things you can do with your online classroom

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