Students usually exhibit the least resistance. They are digital natives. From the time pressure of the typical school term, most would prefer the convenience of learning online, with instant accessibility to you.

The highest resistance to online classrooms are generally teachers themselves. They have to overcome the anxiety that they are able to deliver a good lesson online. We can help you overcome this, through our instant help, and also tutor-led workshops.

Parents have given testimonials that their children are focusing better while learning online, because of no travel fatigue, better scheduling, auto note taking, instant access to tutors, and the ability to cut a long lesson into smaller ones for better digestion. 

Parents care about whether your lessons are effective, regardless of whether it's physical or online. If both deliver the same results, they prefer online because it saves them time playing chauffeur. 

There is also an extra peace of mind for parents. There is no fear of sexual predators, because there are no physical touch between the tutor and student. Tutors also do not know where students are staying, it could very well be in a different country. 

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