Lower your study stress

During a typical school term, you're likely pressured to get many things done with limited amount of time. 

While you're chatting online with your friends, reading news online, watching youtube and netflix online, playing online games with strangers, and buying all the toys and gadgets you like online, you're ironically stuck to the mundane task of having to physically travel to your tutor to get some studying done. Really ? 

Instant one-click access your tutor, cutting out travel fatigue, and easy scheduling/rescheduling during a busy school week, are real factors that would help you lower your study stress. It's so yesterday that you need to wait for a week, and travel to meet physically, just to get some homework questions answered.

Studying online : Instant, no compromises.

"Physical classrooms" are generally glorified names for a table at the coffee shop where coffee isn't cheap, a cramped room in a crowded shopping center where you're paying the bus fare to trek to in the rain, or a your own room where you'll have to make space for your tutors whether you like it or not. 

Online tutoring can be done where ever you study best, and even late at night where it's impractical to travel. It can be started gradually, by flexibly mix-and-match physical and online sessions, to achieve the perfect balance that works for you and each of your tutor. Keep adjusting the balance as you get more accustomed to learning from your tutor's online classroom, and the newfound convenience. 

Auto saved notes, so you just pay attention to your tutor

Everything you teach is autosaved for easy revision, so you don't have to furiously take notes. Just try to understand the concepts instead, and let the system do all that note taking work for you. 

Parents can save time and money

Parents don't have to play chauffeur, and also save on the transportation costs. 

Parents can keep up easily

Text messaging will only give superficial information about a child's learning progress. Now parents and tutors have a quick and convenient way to meet quickly for a much deeper understanding.

You can also enable your parents to access your revision materials, so they can keep up with your learning progress easily. 

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