Many students have successfully depended on ClassDo's online classroom to prepare for important exams, with very positive results. Parents and students alike have the following feedback : 

  1. Instant accessibility, easy scheduling, no travel fatigue. Grades have improved as such.
  2. Physical or online, both are similarly face-to-face. Parents and students alike have stated that there isn't much difference in communication
  3. Students are digital natives, and more hardworking learning in the online classroom, because they like this style a lot more.
  4. Students are able to pick the most suitable teacher from anywhere, not from a limited choice around the neighbourhood
  5. Students are home a lot more often (having nutritious meals)

Watch a case study :

Online and physical tutoring doesn't have to be one, or the other - both can co-exist at the same time. Students and tutors can mix and match to find the perfect balance that works, and adjust the balance as they familiarize and find their own best practices within. 

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