The online classroom is fully interactive. Which means that students will be able to participate in everything, instead of just staring at the teacher. The teacher would structure the lessons so that the student is being engaged frequently - drawing solutions on the sketchpad, type out answers on their notepads, or highlight relevant sections on the textbooks. 

Lessons can be kept short, so their attention spans don't fade out. For example do two 1 hour lessons, rather than an excruciatingly long 2 hour session. 

By keeping students busy interacting with the tutor in the classroom, it is very difficult for students to switch out and do something else. The video conference screens will also help tutors observe whether students are paying attention to them. 

For young students below age 10, we also recommend having less than 3 students per class. Parents should also collaborate with tutors, so that the tutors can get in touch with parents to assist if necessary (otherwise you can continue doing your work or chores)

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