There are several reasons

Computer is too old

If your computer is quite old, you should upgrade to a modern one

Computer is running out of memory

Does you computer have more than 8GB of RAM, and not using all of it up? A reboot may sometimes help

Internet speed is too slow

Either you, or the other person's internet is too slow. 

Try testing the speed of your connection via the website

For best online classroom experience, your results should be :

  1. Ping : LESS THAN 15ms. Smaller number is better
  2. Download : MORE THAN 5 Mbps. Larger number is better.
  3. Upload : MORE THAN 5 Mbps. Larger number is better.

At home

In general, any broadband plans are sufficient.
If you have ADSL, you need to upgrade to broadband. 

Using public wifi

Some public wifis can be reliable, and some not. You'd have to give it a try

Using your mobile's 4G connection

If your country offers relatively cheap 4G mobile data, it should be sufficiently fast enough for a 5 person group lesson. It varies widely across mobile carriers, so you'd have to give it a try. 

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