Upload Documents (Desktop)

Share documents such as Word Documents, PDF files, Powerpoint slides, images and more to enhance communication and work on projects together in the virtual room.


Add a Local Document

In the virtual room, under Content, click Local Document to share or upload the documents saved in your personal device.

Alternatively, if there are already uploaded files, click the Add button on the right, and click on the Local Documents icon.


Select the Document to Upload

Then click Select Files to Upload. (You can drag and drop, or copy and paste files into this box as well.)


Edit Selected Documents (Images only)

Before uploading, you can edit any photos or images that you wish to upload. Click Edit next to the image you wish to edit.

Click Crop or Circle at the side to edit the image.

Once the image has been edited, click Save, then Done.


Upload Documents

After choosing your file(s), click Upload More if you want to add more files. Otherwise, click Upload.

Your uploaded document(s) will appear in the content list at the bottom.

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