Others cannot hear me

While in the live collaboration room, my room members could not hear me when I was speaking, what should I do?

There are a few possible reasons for this problem, such as:

  • You are muted 
  • Outdated Operation System (OS) version
  • Incompatible/Outdated Web Browser
  • Microphone not working

If you are using iPad/iPhone on Safari, you may need to follow these steps to reload your microphone.

Before You Begin

Refresh your ClassDo page. and check if the problem persists.


Microphone is muted

In your live collaboration room, you could have accidentally muted yourself. Hover your mouse over your video screen and click on the microphone icon to toggle your microphone on. (For Windows/Android users, as the system remembers your previous session settings; the microphone might be disabled due to your previous settings.)


Other room member's speaker is not working

Check if you are the only one whom all other room members cannot hear. One way is to communicate with others by typing into the Typepad.

If only one member cannot hear you, it could be that that member's speaker is not working while your microphone is working fine. You can check this by streaming a YouTube video into the room and checking if they can hear the audio from it. If you suspect that it may be a problem with the other member's speaker, ask them to follow these steps to troubleshoot.


Outdated OS and incompatible/outdated Web browser

Update your OS frequently and ensure your web browser is compatible and up to date.


Microphone not working

If you have gone through the above steps and the issue still persists, it might be due to your microphone not working properly. Please follow these steps to troubleshoot.

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