Others cannot hear me

While in the live collaboration room, my room members could not hear me when I was speaking, what should I do?

There are a few possible reasons for this problem, such as:

  • Outdated Operation System (OS) version
  • Incompatible/Outdated Web Browser
  • Microphone not given permission
  • Microphone is muted 
  • Wrong microphone selected

If you are using iPad/iPhone on Safari, you may need to follow these steps to reload your microphone.

Check with others if they can hear each other

Check if you are the only one that others cannot hear. One way is to communicate with others by typing into the typepad.

If only one person cannot hear you, it could be that person's speakers that have developed an issue and your own systems are working fine. You can check this by uploading a YouTube video into the room and checking if they can hear the audio from it. If you suspect that it may be a problem with the other person's speakers, ask them to follow these steps to troubleshoot it.

For outdated OS and incompatible/outdated Web browser

Update your OS frequently and ensure your web browser is compatible and up to date.

Microphone not given permission

When our website does not have permission to access your microphone, you will not be able to speak to your members when you enter the live collaboration room.

On the device testing page, click on Allow to give permission to the ClassDo website to access your microphone. (The device testing page will be loaded every time you access the live collaboration room unless it has been previously disabled.)  

Microphone is muted

In your live collaboration room, you could have accidentally muted yourself. Hover your mouse over your video screen and click on the Microphone button to toggle your microphone on. (For Windows/Android users, as the system remembers your previous session settings; the microphone might be disabled due to your previous settings.)

Wrong microphone selected

You could have encountered this problem during the Test your device page or only realise it after you have entered your virtual classroom. Fret not as the following steps can help you to solve the problem!

During device testing page

Click on the arrow to show the list of available microphones.

Choose your desired microphone. When the correct microphone is chosen, you would see your volume bar moving as you speak. Then click on Yes, I can. Else, click on the refresh button next to the Select your microphone input to try again.

In your live collaboration room

On the top right hand corner of your browser, click on the three dots icon -> Settings. (third from bottom)

After opening the Settings page of your browser, scroll to the bottom and click on Advanced.

Under Privacy and Security, click on Site Settings.

Under Permissions, click Microphone

Ensure that the right webcam is chosen, else click on the microphone option and select the correct device. Please also check that the ClassDo website is allowed to access your microphone. After completing the above steps, please reload the page to apply the changes.

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