How do I switch between microphones?

How do I switch between my microphones in ClassDo?

There are two places that you can switch your microphones in:

  • Auto/ Manual Device Test page
  • Live Collaboration Room

During Auto or Manual Device Check

Follow these steps to start the manual device test.

When you reach the microphone test, click on the arrow  to show the list of available microphones.

Choose your desired microphone. When the correct microphone is chosen, you would see your volume bar moving as you speak. Then click on Yes, I Can. Else, click on the Refresh button next to the Select your microphone input to try again.

In Live Collaboration Room

Open a new tab and paste chrome://settings/content/microphone into the URL bar. 

Click on the microphone selection box and select the microphone that you would like to use. Then, reload your ClassDo room.

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