I cannot enter room for live collaboration

I cannot enter the room through live collaboration mode.

There are two possible reasons why you are blocked from live collaboration mode specifically.

Waiting For Admin

If you see this screen, this means you do not have permission to enter live collaboration mode without an admin or someone with permissions to enter (e.g. tutor, manager) already using the room's live collaboration mode. Please contact and wait for the other person to start live collaboration, or ask them to give your role the permission to enter by yourself.

Did Not Set Up Payment Method / No Balance

This is only applicable to organisation owners and admins.

If you see this screen, you have either not set up your payment method or you have not topped up your balance. It is recommended that you set up auto top-up so that your balance does not run out. Costs of live collaboration mode vary according to your time usage and the number of users in the room.

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