My Screen Share is Not Working

My screen share is not working. How do I deal with this?

Screen share does not seem to be working, or you cannot switch on screen share? It may be due to the following reasons:


Did Not Enter Live Collaboration Mode with Videochat

Exit the room and re-enter the room, this time selecting Work with others: ✔ Videochat on this device. Screen sharing function is not supported on any other modes.


Video Feed Switched Off

Your video feed may be switched off if you only see a black screen on the screen of your video chat. Please ensure that the video feed of your video chat is switched on by clicking the video button.


Screen Sharing Extension Not Installed

Please ensure that you have installed the Chrome extension.

For first time users, there will be a pop-up appearing on your screen after you have switched on Screen Share function.

If you have already installed the extension but the pop-up continues to appear, you may have disabled the extension.

When this pop-up appears, click Install ClassDo Screen Sharing Function.

This will direct users to chrome web store's ClassDo Screen Sharing. Click Add to Chrome.   
When the reconfirmation pop-up appears, click Add Extension.   

When the Add to Chrome has changed to Remove from Chrome, the extension has been successfully installed. Close this tab.


Screen Sharing Extension Not Enabled

At the top right of your Chrome browser, click the three dots icon, then click More tools, then Extensions.

Find ClassDo Screen sharing extension and click the slider to switch it on.

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