My screen share is not working

My screen share is not working. How do I deal with this?
I cannot switch on screen share.

Screen share does not seem to be working, or you cannot switch on screen share? It may be due to the following reasons:


Using an Unsupported Device or Browser

Screen share is not supported on mobile devices, e.g, iOS, iPadOS or Android devices.

The following Operating Systems (OS) support screen share: 

  • Windows
  • ChromeOS
  • macOS 
  • Linux

Note that sharing screen audio of other apps outside the browser is not supported on macOS and Linux.

The system requirements for screen sharing can be found here.


Not in Work With Others Mode

Screen share cannot be switched on if you did not enter the room under  Work with Others. Screen sharing cannot be used in Work on my Own mode or on your Second Device.


Video Feed Switched Off

Your video feed may be switched off if you only see a black screen on the screen of your video chat. Please ensure that the video feed of your video chat is switched on by clicking the video button.


Room is in Presentation Mode

Check the bottom left corner of the screen to see what mode the room is in. If the room has been set to Presentation mode and you do not have the permission to change room settings, you will also not have permission to switch on the visualiser.

Ask the presenter/ admin to change the room settings to Collaboration Sync or Collaboration Unsync mode. Alternatively, contact your organisation admin to change your role to one with permissions to change room settings.

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