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This article is meant for business/organisation owners only. ClassDo charges organisation owners only for the total virtual room usage costs incurred by their organisation staff and end-users (students, customers, partners). We do not charge the organisations' end-users directly. 

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Cost Illustration

Live video collaboration rate: US$0.005/user/min

Recording rate: US$0.005/min (add-on)

If you run a virtual collaboration session on ClassDo with two other room members for 60 minutes, and you recorded the entire session, you will incur:

Live video collaboration sub-total = US$0.005 x 60 x 3 users = US$0.90   
Recording sub-total = US$0.005 x 60 = US$0.30

TOTAL: US$1.20

Pricing FAQs

1. What's the monthly subscription fee?

ClassDo fair pricing plan works on a pay-per-use basis. You pay only for what you use (i.e. video collaboration and optional add-on recording), when you use it. There is no monthly subscription fee.

2. Besides live video collaboration and recording, is there any fee for using the other features and online file storage in the virtual room?

No, we charge usage fees only when you activate live video collaboration and (optional) recording usage only. You can use all other features for free, as long as live video collaboration and recording are not activated.

3. Is there any initial set-up fee, monthly recurring service fee or hidden cost to use ClassDo?

No, ClassDo's pricing plan is simple, open and transparent.

4. Is there a minimum commitment period (or lock-in period) or minimum number of users that I need to have in my organisation?

No, ClassDo's pricing plan is totally flexible.

5. Is there any maximum period I can save my content and recorded session videos in the virtual room?

No, all your content and recorded videos will be saved in the room for as long as you do not delete them.

6. How do I pay for my usage?

After you have entered your payment method, you can choose your preferred mode of top-up for your organisation's account balance. Learn more about pricing and payment.

For info on Enterprise Plan or any other enquiries

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