ClassDo's Features At a Glance

Here's a quick overview all the features that ClassDo's virtual collaboration rooms offer to make your live online collaboration easy, efficient and smart.

ClassDo's Features

  • Easy, instant access via web browser; no download/installation required
  • Fully supported on mobile devices; virtual collaboration on-the-go made easy
  • Unlimited number of SMS or email room invites
  • Best-in-class security using one-time verification codes (all verification code SMSes included at no extra charge) -> no passwords needed!
  • Unlimited number of custom-branded organisations and rooms
  • Permanent rooms - create rooms once for year-round usage
  • User management
  • Chat (leave messages and send documents without entering the virtual room)
  • Library (an integrated, one-stop file repository)
  • Prepare, revise and review documents in the room privately
  • API integration

Live video collaboration

  • Up to 50 members in a room (50 videos, 50 audio)
  • Up to 250 members in a large webinar room (max 25 videos at any one time)
  • Super-high bandwidth running on premium fibre optic lines
  • Real-time 'live' sync; low latency
  • Group videoconferencing with high-definition (HD) video and audio
    • Active speaker auto-detection
    • Always-visible video chat panel with thumbnail view
    • Open any video stream in a maximised screen or picture-in-picture view
  • Co-create and co-annotate content within the room
    • Direct uploading of content (PDF, Word, PPT, Excel, images, etc.) into the permanent virtual rooms
    • Share, read and edit uploaded documents together in real-time
    • Virtual whiteboard
    • Co-edit text and notes in Typepad (similar to Google Docs)
    • Instant autosaving of all changes and annotations
  • Room collaboration/screen sync management - allowing different levels of interaction and collaboration among room members
  • Personal virtual desks for all users for their own handouts, homework, assignment, notes
  • Submit assignment seamlessly for feedback/marking
  • Instant file duplication and handouts distribution to all or specified room users
  • Unlimited simultaneous screen share by all room member - monitor what your room members are viewing on their screen anytime
  • Unlimited simultaneous visualiser (turn your smartphone into a second webcam) - monitor what your room members are writing on paper offline during the live online session
  • Watch YouTube videos together
  • In-room chat (*end-Dec)
  • Breakout groups
  • Two-way poll
  • Multi-device support; enter the same room from different devices at the same time
  • Lesson attendance and usage report for organisation admin
  • Singapore-based technical support


  • Consistent quality HD video and audio capture
  • Capture of entire virtual room interface including video chat panel
  • Auto-generation and saving of downloadable MP4 recording in the room for instant replay
  • Unlimited cloud storage


  • Data hosted on Singapore-based Amazon Web Services cloud servers
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption

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