Pricing details

An overall view of what you are paying for in ClassDo!

Live video collaboration charges include :

  • Easy, instant access via web brower; no download/installation required
  • Super-high bandwidth running on premium fibre optic lines
  • Real-time 'live' sync; low latency
  • Fully supported on mobile devices; virtual collaboration on-the-go made easy
  • Unlimited number of custom-branded organisations and rooms
  • Unlimited number of SMS room invites
  • Best-in class security using One-Time PIN (all OTP SMSes included at no extra charge)
  • Group 'live' videoconferencing
  • HD video and audio
  • Simultaneous screenshare
  • Virtual whiteboard
  • Direct uploading of content into the permanent virtual rooms
  • Share and read documents together
  • Co-create and co-annotate content
  • Co-edit text and notes
  • Watch YouTube videos together
  • Typepad (similar to Google Docs)
  • Chat
  • Two-way poll
  • Autosaving of content in permanent virtual rooms
  • Library (an integrated one-stop file storage with virtual room)
  • Simultaneous visualiser (enables your smartphone to become a second webcam)
  • Lesson attendance and usage report for organisation admin
  • Singapore-based technical support

Recording charges include:

  • MP4 recording
  • Unlimited cloud storage
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