Create a ClassDo Account

Truly effective virtual collaboration is just a few steps away! Follow these steps to create your free ClassDo user account, your organisation and virtual room, and invite people to your room to start collaborating together instantly. 


Go to

On the device you wish to use, go to with these browsers:

Operating System Browser
Windows Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge
Android Google Chrome
macOS Google Chrome or Safari
iOS Safari

Do NOT use other browsers. If you do not have Chrome, download for free from: Also make sure that the browser version is sufficiently updated.


Click Free Signup/Login

On ClassDo's landing page, click on Free Signup/Login.


Select Sign-Up Method

Sign into ClassDo with your mobile number or your email address. If your email address is a Gmail account, you can also sign in with Google. 

Note that you MUST log in with the same method when logging into ClassDo in the future as it is currently not possible to merge accounts under different numbers/ email addresses. (There is no difference between signing up/logging in with email or with Google with the same email address, however, as this creates only one account unique to that address).

a) With Mobile Phone Number

Click  Sign In/Up with Mobile Number. 

Ensure that the  flag icon matches your country code. If it does not, click on it to select the correct country code. 

Then enter your  mobile number

Click  Submit.

Check your phone messages for the six-digit verification code from ClassDo and enter it. Click  Submit.

Cannot receive your verification code on your phone?

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b) With Email Address

Click  Sign In/Up with Email.

Enter your email address and click Submit.

Open a new tab on your browser or use your mobile phone to check your email.   DO NOT close or navigate away from the ClassDo login page.

An email titled "Welcome to ClassDo" will have been sent to your account. Enter the six-digit verification code received in the email and click  Submit.

Cannot receive your verification code on your email?

Next: Create your ClassDo account

c) With Google

Click   Sign In/Up with Google.

Sign into your  Google account.


Create your ClassDo Account

You will need to create your ClassDo account. Enter your first (given) and last (family/surname) names.

Then, click  Next

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