Use a Poll

A poll is the perfect tool to get an immediate estimate on your room members' opinions, knowledge and progress. Choose between multiple choice and open-ended questions to craft your poll and get the answers you need.

You can even take into account the current situation in the room by creating or editing a poll during the live session itself .

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Create a Poll

Click the new tab icon.

If you are currently viewing a poll, click on the Add button at the top right to create a new poll.


Name the Poll

You can name your poll by clicking and typing the name in the title.


Choose Question Type

Click Question Type to choose how you want the other members of the room to answer. Select the option you wish to use from the drop-down list.

Select and click on the poll format you wish to use.  Multiple choice will only allow respondents to choose one option per question. Checkboxes will allow respondents to choose more than one option per question. Text will require respondents to type out their answers.


Fill in Your Question

When the draft of a poll is created, type the question you want to ask in the " Question" input field.


Craft Your Options

For polls using Multiple choice and Checkboxes, you are able to provide options for the respondents to choose. Type the answer options in the  "Option" input fields.

Click  Add Option at the bottom of the poll to create more options.

Click the Cross icon beside an option to delete the option.


Release and Close the Poll

When all the details are filled up, click  Launch Poll to allow respondents to respond. Note that after a poll has been launched, you can no longer edit it.

When you want to end the poll, click  Close Poll. Note that after a poll has been closed, it cannot be opened again.


View Results

Multiple Choice / Checkboxes

As members in the room submit their responses, you can see the number of respondents for each option represented in both actual numbers and percentage form.


For Text question type, the responses of each member will be shown. The results are visible to you even if the poll is not yet closed, but are not visible to other members in the room.


Delete A Poll

To delete a poll, click the arrow on the right.

Click Delete content.

Click Ok to confirm deletion.


Call Out a Previous Poll

Click the new tab icon.

Click on the Poll that you want to view and edit.

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