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Screen sharing lets other members see and hear what appears on your own screen, letting you share content outside of the virtual room, while still using ClassDo.

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Note: Screen sharing is only possible in live collaboration mode with videochat. Please ensure that the video feed of your videochat is also turned on.


 Switch on Screen Share

    Inside the virtual room, click Tools at the top.

In the Screen Share column, click the Slider to switch on this function.

Sharing screen audio is left unchecked by default. This function is not required if you only plan to share materials without audio such as websites, PDF files and word documents. Sharing screen audio is useful if you wish to watch videos that are not from YouTube together with other members in the room.


Add Screen Share Extension

For first time users, a pop-up will appear on your screen after you have switched on the  Screen Share function.

For non-first time users, simply skip this step as the pop-up will no longer appear.

When this pop-up appears, click Install ClassDo Screen Sharing Extension.

This will direct you to Chrome Web Store's ClassDo Screen Sharing. Click Add to Chrome.

When the confirmation pop-up appears, click Add Extension.

When the Add to Chrome has changed to Remove From Chrome, the adding of extension is successful and you can close this tab.

Choose the Type of Content to be Shared

Back to the tab with the ClassDo room, a pop-up with 3 options of screen share will appear.

Option 1: Your Entire Screen

This option will share your entire screen with other members in the room. This includes everything shown on the browser such as your tabs, bookmark bar and extensions. When you move to your desktop, everything on the desktop such as files and applications will also be seen.

Choose and click on the screen that you want to share, then click  Share.

Option 2: Application Window

This option will share the view of an opened application. This is useful when you want to share the operations of other applications other than the browser.

Choose and click the Application Window that you want to share and click Share.

Option 3: Chrome Tab

This option will show you all your open tabs. This will protect the your privacy by sharing only contents on a particular tab and not all the open tabs and your personal bookmark bar.

Choose and click the Tab that you want to share then click Share.


End the Screen Share

Whichever option you have chosen, the bar shown above will appear at the very top of the page. Click Stop to end the screen sharing.

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