Send Invites and Assign Roles

When you would like to invite more members to your room or your organisation, you may send more invites for new members to join.


Select Room that Members are Invited To

Start by clicking on the r oom that you would like to add more members to.
Click on Invite new member.

Select Members to Invite

a) Invite Existing Organisation Members

If the person is already in another room in your organisation, simply click on  their name. Then, go to step 3 to review your invites.

b) Invite New Members

If you would like to invite members who are not already from another room, click on either Invite by phone number or Invite by email depending on which method through which you would like to invite more members. You will then be prompted to enter their contact details.
If you are inviting the person by phone number, enter the phone number and the name of the person you are inviting. Then click Add.
If you are inviting the person by email, enter the email and the name of the person you are inviting. Note that if you do so, ClassDo will not have their phone number stored, so if they log on to ClassDo's website directly, they will not be able to see your invite or access your room. They must click on the button in your email invitation to be able to accept your invitation and join your room. When you are done, click Add.

Review Invitations

Next, review the invitations that you are sending out. When you are ready, click Next.
Next, click on Select role and assign the appropriate role to the person you are inviting.   
Finally, review the people you are inviting. If you send an invitation to the wrong person by mistake, you will not be able to retract the invitation. You may only remove them when they have accepted your invite. When you are sure that the details are correct, click Invite. Simply wait until the invitees accept your invites!
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