Edit the Rights of Existing Roles

As the organisation owner (or admin with the right to manage roles), you have the right to edit other roles' default admin rights such as editing rooms, or carrying out certain actions in the virtual room such as recording sessions. The admin rights of the organisation members can be changed to help facilitate the virtual collaboration process.


Go To Manage Roles

Click Settings, then go to Manage Roles. Here, you can view and edit other roles.


Select Role to Edit

Select the role you wish to edit by clicking the role under Select a role and selecting from the drop-down list.


Select and Unselect Rights

To change their admin rights, the owner can simply check and uncheck the check boxes. The admin rights are categorised into 2 parts, “In an Organisation” and “In a Virtual Room” where the owner can grant specific rights based on the context. Any changes to the admin rights will be saved automatically.

By default, the organisation owner will have all the admin rights checked, and rights of the owner cannot be edited.

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