Create a Room

Now that you have an organisation and set up your payment method for it (and claimed your free credits!), you are ready to create your own virtual rooms.


Create a New Room

On the left panel, click  Rooms at the top of the panel, followed by Create new room


Invite Members

a) Invite by Mobile Number

For easy login, invite someone by his mobile number. Click  Invite by phone number.

Enter the mobile number and the name of the person you wish to invite. Click  Add.

b) Invite by Email Address

Alternatively, you can invite someone by his email address. Enter the email address and name of the person you wish to invite. Click  Add.

If you wish to add more room members, repeat the invitation process by selecting  Invite by phone number or Invite by email. When you are done with inviting people to your room, click Next.


Assign Roles to Your Members

Here, you will be prompted to assign a role to the invitee, depending on whether he is an admin, tutor/teacher or student. Click  Select Role.

Select the appropriate role. Then click  Next. Note that this member will have the same role in all the rooms under this organisation (i.e. members cannot have different roles in different rooms. Their role will always stay the same)


Name Your Room

Enter a name for your room in the Your room name input field, then click Create.

Select your Room

Your new room is ready! On the left panel, click to select the name of the new room.

Next Steps:
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