Set Up Your Payment Method

To create rooms and invite members to collaborate with you, first set up your payment method. Completing this set-up will also entitle you to free usage credits worth US$20 for you to try ClassDo completely risk-free. Even though your credit card number will be saved in the system, we will deduct usage fees from your free credits first, so you  will not be charged when your free usage credits runs out as long as you deactivate your auto top-up.

Enter the Organisation Settings

In order to view billing information, you need to access the Organisation Settings page.

Ensure that you are in the correct organisation.

Click the Settings button next to the organisation name on the left panel


Open Billing Page in Settings 

From Organisation Settings, click Billing.


Enter Credit Card Information

Start by clicking Register under Payment Method.

Then type in your credit card number, the card expiry date and the 3-digit Card Verification Code (CVC).

Click Save. Once you have registered your credit card, you will be able to use your free USD$20 usage credits right away!

Next Steps:

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