Enter a Virtual Room

Now that you are ready to start your online collaboration, this article will help you to choose the appropriate option to enter the virtual room based on what you need to use it for. 

You can also enter the virtual room from multiple devices simultaneously! You can view the videochat streams from one device (option c) while using another device to edit documents, make sketches and type together with others (option b).

Note that some user roles do not have permission to enter live collaboration (Work with Others) mode without an admin in the room. In such cases, you will be redirected to a waiting page.


Enter the Room

On the organisation page, choose the room you wish to enter and click Enter Room to start online collaboration. Before doing so, you can also leave messages for your room members on the room chat, check who has not accepted your room invite, or invite more new members, etc.

Cannot find the room you want to enter? It may be under another organisation.


Choose How You Want to Use the Room

a) Work with Others: Videochat

If you want to work with your room members with videochat, select Work with others: ✔ Videochat on this device.

This is the most commonly used mode of entering the room, for 100% online collaboration on a single, all-in-one device for video chat and writing/drawing.

b) Work with Others: No Videochat

Select  Work with others: ✖ Videochat on this device if you are: 

  • already using another device to videochat
  • in the same location as room members (do not need online communication).
You can edit documents with your members and will be affected by presentation/collaboration modes, screen sync, etc. You will just not have videochat. Use this mode on devices that you are using as touchscreen support for your primary device.

c) Work on Your Own

If you are not planning to communicate with others, select  Work on my own. You will enter the Library mode.

You can edit, upload and view documents currently in the room. You will not appear as being in the room, will not be affected by presentation/sync screen modes, and generally have the freedom to work by yourself. 

Use this mode for doing post-collaboration revision or preparing the room for the next live collaboration.

Next Steps:
If you chose Work with others: ✔ Videochat, you need to automatically test your device
If you chose the other options, congratulations! You have successfully entered your virtual room. Next, learn about the virtual room
Cannot get into live collaboration mode? Check out possible reasons here.
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