Run Manual Device Test

You can run the device test manually at any time if you want to ensure you are device-ready without having to enter the virtual room, or if you want to run the test after having opted to skip the auto device test in the future.


Access Manual Device Test

To begin,  you need to be in the Organisation. If you are not, refer to this article to exit a room. The associated controls are at the  bottom left of the screen.

Access your user settings by clicking the Settings icon at the bottom left next to your username.

Click Test your device.


Browser Test

If you are using either Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Safari browser and your browser is up to date, this test will take just a few seconds and you will automatically move on to the next test. 

If you fail the browser test, make sure to use a supported browser or update your browser version.


Webcam Test

If the browser prompts you that ClassDo asks to use your camera. You must  click Allow to use ClassDo. If you have already blocked it, follow these steps to re-enable your camera.

Similarly for the Microphone.

Click Back to organisation.

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