Create New Roles

If you have members that do not fit any of the existing roles provided for your organisation, you can simply add a new custom-made role.

Enter the Organisation Settings

In order to manage roles, you need to access the organisation settings page.

Ensure that you are in the correct organisation.

Click the Settings button next to the organisation name on the left panel


Go to Manage Roles

Click Roles. Here, you can view and edit other roles.


Add a New Role

Click the add icon at the top right corner of the role list.


Name the New Role

Click the textbox under Role name and type in the name for the role.

Click Create. If you have decided not to create the role, click Cancel.


Allocate Rights to the New Role

After creating the new role (e.g. Student Leader), it will appear at the bottom of the role list. Click the role to edit it. 

Click the checkboxes to give the role admin rights.

After you have checked what admin rights you want to give to the role, click Update.

The new role will be available when you want to invite new members or change the roles of old members.

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