Edit the Role of Members

If you realise you have assigned inappropriate roles or you want to make any change to the roles of your organisation members, don't worry! You can edit the roles of organisation members after inviting them. Do note that the roles of organisation members are the same across all the rooms in one organisation.

You can also edit member roles during the online session itself if you wish.


Go To Edit Organisation Members

Click Settings, then click Edit Organisation Members. 


Select Member to Edit

For the member whose role that you want to make changes to, click the button displaying their current role to change the role of that organisation member.


Change Member Role

After clicking their current role, it will show a drop down menu of the available roles. Click on the new role that you want to assign him or her to, the new chosen role will be automatically saved.


 Changing Member Roles During a Session

You can also change the roles of members inside the room/ during the session itself without needing anyone to exit the room. 

  1. Open a new tab and go to ClassDo.com to log in to the same account.
  2. Follow steps 1 to 3 above to change roles. 
  3. Ask the affected members in the room to refresh their browsers to implement the change in their roles.
    Cannot find a suitable role to assign your members? You can create a custom role for your organisation.
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