Upload Documents (Desktop)

Share documents such PDF files and images to enhance communication and work on projects together in the virtual room.

Note: As an organisation owner/admin, your role permissions allow you to create new tabs to upload files during Work with Others mode. For your other rooms members who have roles that do not allow them to start live video collaboration, they will not be able to create new tabs under Work with Others mode to upload files into the Library. They can only do so under Work with My Own mode.

Click '+' to open a new tab.

Select PDF/Image in the pop-up window that appears.

Either drag the file that you want to upload from your system file explorer and drop it into the pop-out window.

Or click Select files to open the system file explorer to select a file. Note that the supported file types for upload are .png, .jpg, .pdf and .gif. 

Call Out the File that You Uploaded from the Library

When you first upload a file, it will be opened in a new tab automatically. When you are done with the file, click ' X' to close the tab and return the file to the Library. If you wish to call out the file from the Library again, follow the steps below.

Click ' +' to open a new tab.

By default, your uploaded files are not named, and will show up as "(No name)". Select the file to call it out from the Library. To make it easier to find it in the future, you should rename the file.
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