Upload Photo from Webcam (Desktop)

Don't have a photo you need in your local device? Use the Web Camera to take a photo and instantly upload it into the virtual room.


Open Webcam

In the virtual room under  Content, click Local Webcam.

Alternatively, if there are already uploaded files, click the Add button on the right, and click on the Local Webcam Icon.


Take a Photo with Your Webcam

To take a photo, click the  Camera Icon at the bottom.

Click the Camera Icon to retake the photo. Once you are done, click Next.


Edit the Photo

To make changes to a photo, click Edit.

To edit, click on Crop or Circle in the left column. To undo all editing, click Reset at the bottom left. When you have finished editing, click on Done.


Upload Photos

To take more photos, click  Upload More. Otherwise, click Upload.

Your uploaded picture should appear in the content list at the bottom.

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