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Having trouble finding your content files? Renaming the files to match their content would be the best way for you to navigate through the sea of information!

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For Uploaded Content and Sketch

Ensure that you are in the Content tab for renaming documents or the  Sketch tab for renaming sketches.

Click on the specific File that you want to rename.

The existing file name will be shown on the top of the image. Click on the Input Field to edit the file name. By default, the input field will be blank when you first upload an item.

Enter your new file name and the file will be immediately updated to show the new name.


For Type

Ensure that the type of input is Plain Text unless you are using the type pad for other purposes. By default, the input will be Plain Text when you first open a type pad.

Click on the Input Field and enter your new file name.

The type pad will be automatically updated to show the new file name.


For Poll

The polls cannot be renamed after being launched. Please ensure that your polls are correctly named before launching them.
Ensure that you are in the Poll tab. Click on Create to draft a new poll.

You can only name your polls while they are still in draft mode. Enter your poll name in the Name this poll input field.

Once you are satisfied with the poll name and details, click Launch Poll. After this step, the poll cannot be edited or renamed.

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