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Work on a document with others in real time with Type! It is an easy and simple way for you to create and share a text document, complete with formatting and style options to customise your notes and projects.

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Create a New Typepad

Click the ' +' icon to create a new tab.

Under  NEW, select Type for typepad.


Name the Typepad

You can name or rename your typepads by clicking the  Name this content textbox at the top and typing in the name of the typepad. You can also rename others' typepads.


Open an Existing Typepad

Click the ' +' icon to create a new tab.

Under  All Contents, select the typepad file you wish to open. Typepad files are denoted by a keyboard icon. You can also use the Search and Filter tools to help you find your typepad more quickly.


Delete a Typepad

To delete the typepad that you are currently viewing, click  Document Menu (three-dots icon) on the top right of the typepad. Then select Delete content, and click OK to confirm your deletion.

Note that you can only delete typepads that you have created yourself, unless you are the organisation owner or you have the admin rights to delete typepads created by others.

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