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Work on a document with others in real time with Type! It is an easy and simple way for you to create and share a text document, complete with formatting and style options to customise your notes and projects.

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Create a Typepad

Click Type at the top of the screen, then click Create.

If you are currently viewing a typepad, click the Add button at the top right to create a new typepad.


Name the Typepad

You can name or rename your typepads by clicking the  textbox with "Name this typepad" at the top and typing in the name of the typepad. You can also rename others' typepads.

Note that if you change the file type of the typepad, a filename extension will appear in its name.


Open a Previous Typepad

View other typepads by clicking on the  icon of the typepad you want to view. The typepad you are currently viewing is shown in light blue.

If you have multiple typepads, use the  left and right arrow buttons or the scroll bar at the bottom to scroll between the different typepads.


Delete a Typepad

You can delete the typepad that you are currently viewing by clicking the  Trashbin button on the right. 

Note that you can only delete typepads created by yourself. If the typepad is created by someone else, the trashbin button will not appear when you view the sketch.

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