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To ensure you'll never run out credits for seamless virtual collaboration, auto top-up is activated by default. Set how much you want to top-up whenever your balance decreases below a certain amount. You can also top-up manually if you do not want it to top-up for you.

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Auto Top-Up (Default and recommended)

Click Edit.

If you have turned off auto top-up previously, click on the slider to turn it to the on position.

Type in your minimum balance threshold and auto top-up amount. When your remaining balance decreases below the threshold, your balance will be automatically topped up. Note that the auto top-up amount must be larger than the minimum balance.

Click Save.

Alternatively, you can also top-up manually. However, note that if you run out of usage credit when you are collaborating with others, your videochat streams will be cut off.

Manual Top-up

Click on Top up under Manual Top-Up.

Click on the amount that you would like to top-up.

A confirmation dialogue will show up on the screen if your top-up is successful.

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