Check Room Usage

With our room usage records, you no longer have to worry about who to bill and how much. You can check how much time and money one particular room, or user, has spent in your organisation with a simple search.

In order to view billing information, you need to access the organisation billing page.

Start by clicking the current Organisation.

Click on the Organisation which you would like to access the billing information for.

Select Settings.

Select Billing. You are now in the billing information page.

View Room Usage History

Scroll down the page. You can view the room usage history of your organisation under Room Usage Fee.

Click on the Month listed to select the month for which you want to check your room usage history.

Find out how much time a specific room/user has spent by typing the room or user name into the search bar and clicking on By Room or By User respectively.

Click the arrow next to a particular date to see more detailed information on the room admin who had used the room, type of usage, duration and respective charges.

Download/Print Room Usage Fees

Make sure part you want to print is clearly shown on your screen. Click on the three dots icon at the top right of the Chrome browser, then click Print.

Ensure the part you want to print is visible in the preview. You can save the page as a PDF file by choosing Save as PDF under the Destination, print it by selecting the name of the printer you are using, or save it by any other means listed.

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