Annotate/ Edit Documents and Sketchpads (Mobile)

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With the ability to enter the room from multiple devices, it is much more convenient to use your mobile device as a portable touchscreen to read and annotate documents together in our virtual rooms! Co-create solutions in real time and ClassDo will automatically save all the latest versions permanently.

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Open the Document to Edit

Tap the nine squares menu button at the top left corner, then tap the '+' icon at the bottom of the screen to open a new tab.

The newest or most recently modified file will be shown at the top of the list below All ContentsSelect the file to call it out from the Library. 

You can search for a particular file by clicking and typing the file's name into the searchbar.  You can also filter the files that are shown by clicking the filter icon at the right end of the searchbar and selecting the Content type you wish to search for.


Select the Page to Edit (in a Multiple-Page Document)

If you are editing a single-page document, you can skip this step.

To choose between pages, you can either  swipe left and right between pages or tap on the left or right arrow buttons.

Tap the Edit button on the page you wish to edit.

To go to a different page, tap the 'X' icon at the top right to close the current page and move to the next one.


Use the Editing Tools

View Different Parts of the Document

Tap Pan and swipe over the screen to move your view of the document, or tap the left or right arrow buttons to move your view of the document in the respective directions.

Alternatively, in any mode, use two fingers to swipe the screen at the same time to move your view.

View Parts of the Document that are Too Large or Small

Tap Pan. Zoom in by tapping the Plus icon, and zoom out by tapping the Minus icon at the bottom right. Alternatively, in any mode, simply place two fingers on the screen and spread them apart to zoom in, and bring them together to zoom out.

Write and Draw

Tap Draw, then tap Pen. Choose the pen colour and line thickness.


Tap Marker, then choose the marker colour and line thickness.

Insert a Line, Rectangle or Circle

Tap  LineRectangle or Circle depending on what you wish to draw, then choose the line colour and thickness. Then, tap and drag on the document to draw the line or shape. Note that the line and shape dimensions can still be edited using the Select tool after they have been drawn.

Insert Text

Tap Text, then choose text size and colour. Tap on the place where you want to add text and type out your text in the textbox produced. Note that after you have finished typing, the text will be treated as an image and cannot be edited further.

Insert Image

Tap the Picture icon at the right side and choose the image you wish to upload from your device. The uploaded image will be displayed on the document. Note that only images saved in the local device can be uploaded and inserted.

Note that the Picture and Undo/Redo icons do not appear when the Pan tool is selected. Change to any other tool to see the Picture and Undo/Redo icons.

Move Things Around

Tap Select, then tap the drawing/ text/ image that you wish to move and drag it to where you want it to be. You can also select an entire area of drawings / images / writing to be moved at the same time.

Delete Things

With Select, tap on the drawing/ text/ image you wish to delete and tap the Trashbin button beside it. You can also select an entire area of drawings / images / writing to be deleted at the same time.

Copy Parts of the Document

With Select, tap and drag over the area you wish to copy, then tap the Camera button. You can then paste an image of what you have selected.

Cancel a Previously Made Action

To cancel an action you just made, tap the Undo button (top arrow pointing left). To restore an action that you have undone, tap the Redo button (bottom arrow pointing right). You can undo and redo multiple actions.

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