Erase Annotations and Drawings

While there is no "eraser" tool in the editing tools of Content or Sketch per se, you can use the following methods to erase any annotation or drawing you have made if you need to.

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Erase a Small Part of an Annotation/Drawing

If you wish to erase only a small part of an annotation/drawing and not the entire stroke or shape, select Pen, choose white colour and adjust line thickness accordingly. 

Using the white pen on the annotation/drawing will then appear to "erase" it.

Erase Your Last Made Annotation Completely with 'Undo'

To erase your immediate last made annotation (e.g. the blue line in the above example), scroll down to the bottom of the editing tools bar and select  Undo. This will instantly remove the previously made annotations.

Alternatively, select  Move / Delete. Then select the annotation you wish to delete, and click the Trashbin button that appears when it is selected to erase the annotation.

Erase a Large Area of Annotations/ Drawings

If you wish to delete a large area/ amount of annotations and drawings in a situation where you cannot use the white pen, select Move / Delete, then click and drag across the screen to select the area of annotations you wish to delete. Click the Trashbin button next to the selected area.

The annotations within the selected area will be deleted.

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