Read/ View Documents and Sketchpads (Desktop)

You can use the Content and Sketch tools to view documents and sketchpads more clearly in order to read or annotate them more easily. The tools that are viewing-related only can still be used when Presentation mode is active, even if you cannot use other editing tools.

Since zooming in/out or panning is not reflected in others' screens even in Presentation mode or Collaboration Sync mode, and there are differing screen sizes of the room members' devices, it is important that you also verbally inform other room members of the part of the document you are viewing.


Choose the Document/Sketchpad to View

Choose and click the icon of the document or sketchpad you want to view. The contents of the file will be displayed.

When the file is a sketchpad or a single-page document, the tools bar will automatically be displayed on the left after clicking on it.

When the file is a multi-page document, the file will be displayed in pages.


Open Page View (in a Multiple-Page Document)

If you are viewing a single page document or a sketchpad, you can skip this step.

Choose the page you want to view, then click on the edit button.

To choose between pages, you can either  swipe left and right between pages or click on the left or right arrow buttons. The edit button will move to the respective pages.

Clicking the edit button will open up a window with the tools bar. When you want to stop viewing the page, simply click the Exit Button on the upper right to close this window.


Use the Viewing Tools

View Parts that are Too Small/ Blurry or Get a Larger View

Some parts of the document or sketchpad may appear blurry or small to see comfortably.

Click  Zoom In to magnify the document/ sketchpad and make small parts of it look larger and sharper. 

Click  Zoom Out to minimise the view of the document/ sketchpad again so that you can see a larger part of it at the same time.

View Different Parts of the Document/ Sketchpad

After zooming in, you may want to view different parts of the document/ sketchpad. To do so, click Pan.

Click and drag to move your view of the document/ sketchpad to where you want it to be.

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