Creating a Poll During a Live Session

Polls are extremely useful for a variety of purposes such as collating questions and opinions. However, sometimes poll questions can only be set during the live session depending on where a discussion goes and what attendees say. 

In such cases, you can still create or edit a poll discreetly during the session without disturbing the other members in the room. You can easily do so by entering the content library on other device (or simply by opening a new tab) to create a poll in the room!


Enter the Content Library

  1. You can enter the content library on:
    1. the device you are using to video chat by opening a new tab or window. However, note that you will continue to be video chatting on the original tab, so you may want to view both windows side-by-side on your screen if possible.
    2. a separate device e.g. your mobile device
  2. Log in to ClassDo on the same account.
  3. On the room homepage, click on  View Content Library to visit the content library for the room.

Alternatively, you may locate and click on Content Library on the left sidebar and locate the room folder to access the contents within the room.

Select the room folder. If the poll is to be conducted within groups, click on the group folder.


Create or Edit the Poll

You can now create a poll. Alternatively, you may have already created the poll and can now update it so as to better address the current situation the room.
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