Rename or Delete Roles

As an organisation owner or admin, you can change the name of the roles in the organisation at any time. You can also delete roles that your organisation is no longer using.

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Enter the Organisation Settings

To begin, you need to be in the Organisation Screen. If you are not, refer to this article to exit a room. The associated controls are at the top left of the screen.

In order to manage roles, you need to access the organisation settings page.

Ensure that you are in the correct organisation.

Click the Settings button next to the organisation name on the left panel


Go To Manage Roles

Click Roles. Here, you can view and edit other roles.


Select Role to Rename or Delete

Select the role you wish to rename or delete.

By default, the role of "Owner" cannot be renamed or deleted.

a) Rename Role

Click the text box under Role name and type in the new role name. 

Click Update to save your changes.

b) Delete Role

you wish to delete the role, click Delete role. The button is located below the list of permissions so you may need to scroll down the list on screens that cannot display the full height of the permissions list.

If you are sure that you want to delete the role, click Delete role. Note that all members who had this role will now have no role and have to be allocated a new role.

If you decide not to delete the role, click Cancel.

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