Optimal Number of Room Members

How many members can be invited into a room, or rather, should be invited? Is there a maximum number or a limit to the number of members that join the same room at the same time?

Currently, you can invite up to 50 people into a room. However, the quality of the live videostreaming (video and audio) ultimately depends on individual members' devices (e.g. device RAM, the quality of the webcam/microphone/speaker) and the strength and stability of their internet connection. Hence, it is important to first determine if everyone has met the technical requirements. You may also wish to consider a few other human-related factors when determining the number of members to invite.

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Preference of the Host/ Presenter/ Teacher

The number of members in the room should also be manageable for the host/ presenter. The number of people that can be easily and effectively managed in an online space will differ from when offline, so the hosts/ presenters of the rooms should also be consulted about what number of members is more suitable for them.

Retaining the Authentic Collaboration Experience

You will also have to consider the objective of the sessions carried out in the rooms and the quality of collaboration/learning experience that you want to provide. 

The larger the number of members in the room, the more likely the level of personal attention and interaction naturally drops. This will limit the amount of interaction or active engagement between members in the room. With large groups, being in the room may feel more like attending a lecture or watching a video than actual collaboration.

ClassDo is built for optimal group collaboration that supports multi-way interaction. Hence, ClassDo works most optimally in 1-1, small- and medium-sized group settings. If you are planning to invite 40 to 50 people into a room, it may limit the effectiveness of the collaboration in such a large group.

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