My document under Content returns to the first page if I view a different document

When I click on a different document, if I return to the original document I was viewing, I will have returned to the first page of the original document no matter which page I was at previously.
The page that I left a document at is not remembered or restored when I switch back to it.

The auto-remember function of a previously viewed document is currently being developed in the next generation of our virtual rooms. Meanwhile, we recommend that you follow the advice below on how to avoid having your session disrupted due to this occurrence.

Upload as Required

When uploading documents or books, upload only the pages that will be covered in the immediate next session, so as to keep the number of pages in the file small. This not only makes it easier to flip through a file with fewer pages, it also makes it easier for:

  • other room members to identify the parts that are most relevant to the next session
  • naming of the file according to the session during which it was covered or addressed.

Split Chapters or Topics 

Alternatively, if you are covering two chapters or topics within the same session, you can also save and upload the two chapters or topics in two separate files and name them accordingly. This can increase the relevancy of the file and make it easier to search the correct file in future.

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