My recording is jammed; I cannot start recording

After I cancelled the recording, I tried to turn recording back on again, but it became jammed and will not turn on.
After switching off the recording, the recording function only shows me a "Failed recording" message and will not turn on.

This may happen if you have not waited till the yellow " Preparing to record" status changes to the red "Recording" status before you stopped the recording. If you have prematurely cancelled the previous recording, when you try to turn on recording on again, you may find it only shows a "Failed recording" status and you are unable to turn it back on. 

Exit and re-enter the room before switching on recording again. 

Preparing the recording may take up to 5 minutes to take effect. So while the status still shows " Preparing to record", do not turn off recording.The status will turn to "Recording" after a while.

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