The screen shared text is too small to be read

When I am screen sharing another website/ application, the text is too small to read by other room members.
Can I zoom in on or enlarge the contents of a screen share?

You cannot zoom in on the screen shared content from within the virtual room. If the text or content is too small to be seen clearly, the person who is screen sharing should zoom in on the website or application itself so that the content can be seen more clearly by the other members in the room.

Keyboard Shortcuts

While most applications and browsers have built-in zoom functions in their settings, here are some shortcuts to zoom in quickly:

  • Most applications and websites: press down ctrl and scroll up or down with the mouse wheel
  • Chrome: press down ctrl, then press +
  • Safari: press the Command Key and +
  • Windows: press down the Windows key (key with a Windows logo) and + to open the magnifier. You can then adjust the percentage zoom of your screen on the magnifier pop-up. Click on the Settings icon on the pop-up to further adjust the zoom increments.

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