Exit the Virtual Room

Note that you can still stay in live collaboration mode for another 5 minutes after all admins have already left the room. Hence, when the session ends, we recommend that you always leave the room promptly and remind others to also do so to avoid additional charges.

On Desktop

The associated controls are at the  top right of the screen.

On desktop, simply click Exit Room at the top right corner to exit the room.

On Mobile

On mobile, tap Menu button at the top left corner.

Then, tap the hang up icon on the menu bar.

After Admins Exit Live Collaboration Mode

In live collaboration mode, even after all admins (members with roles that have the permission to enter the room in live collaboration mode by themselves such as admins, team leads, tutors) have left the room, general users (staff, students) can still stay in live collaboration mode for up to another 5 minutes. After that, they will be removed from live collaboration mode.

The 5 minute grace period is implemented in case the admin accidentally exits the room in the middle of the lesson, or was removed from live collaboration mode due to internet connection or network instability issues. The general users can then remain in the room so that they can still resume the session immediately after the admin has re-entered. 

This usage of live collaboration mode will still be charged even if there is no admin present.

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