Cancel Room Invitations

If you have accidentally invited the wrong phone number or email address, you can cancel the room invitation after sending it, as long as the invitee has not signed up for or signed into ClassDo.

If the invitee already has an account in ClassDo, they will be automatically added to the room. They will not be displayed under Waiting to Join, but will be in the room members list. You should remove them from the room instead.


Select Invitation to Cancel

Invitees that have not yet created an account in ClassDo will be displayed under Waiting to Join. You can check the person who invited them, as well as the email address or mobile number of the invitee underneath their name.

If you have found that there is an error in the mobile number/ email address, click on the blue circle with an arrow.


Cancel the Invitation

Click Cancel Invitation.

If you have decided not to cancel the invitation, click Cancel. Otherwise, click OK

Note that if the email address/ mobile number belongs to someone, an email/ SMS invite to your room would already have been sent to that person the moment you activated sending the room invite. However, once you cancel the invite, that person will not be able to see your organisation or room even if they sign in to ClassDo.

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