I cannot stop room members from unmuting themselves after I have muted them

I cannot prevent my students from unmuting themselves even after I have muted them. Is there any way I can stop them from doing this?

Currently, we do not support disabling a room member's ability to unmute themselves. 

ClassDo is built to mirror the live collaboration or teaching/training processes and experiences in a physical room as much as possible in an online room, for optimal interaction and instant responsiveness. In a physical room, your room members will be able to ask you questions any time they want to, in the middle of your presentation or lesson. Likewise, your online room members will also be able to unmute themselves to ask you questions whenever they wish to. This enables you to address their questions or clarify their doubts immediately, instead of having to wait until they you unmute them.

If you do not want your presentation or teaching to be interrupted by room members unmuting themselves in the midst of the session, it is best to inform them at the start of the session that you will take Q&As only after your presentation or teaching.

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